So I bought A Game of Thrones ebook on Amazon like two hours ago and have been reading nonstop. 

So much for Beauty Queens…well, I was wanting to save that for the flight to New York anyways (sidenote: first time I will ever fly on a plane). If I die in a plane crash I want to go out reading Libba Bray.

But seriously this story about the plane crash in Nigeria is really freaking me out. Like I’m going to google the plane we’re flying on and see how old it is and shit. You think that family going to see the wedding or those sisters from Texas thought they were going to die? Nope. 

Anywho, the book is really good. Not sure how many pages in I am because it’s an e-book and e-books are stupid but cheap and easy to get. I am worried that the multiple POV’s will be a challenge for me because I’m not usually very good with that, but so far they are so well written I haven’t been too bothered. I read that they follow three major plotlines so hopefully that will help too.